icon-koffer    What can I add?

icon-koffer    What can I add?

I am regularly called in by professionals in the divorce process.

Lawyer │ mediator

I can, on the instructions of the lawyer │ mediator, calculate maintenance in various scenarios, make an elaboration of the division or settlement of capital, analyse the income of the entrepreneur, advise on appropriate agreements on life insurance policy, develop alternatives for the settlement of the pension (especially in the case of the entrepreneur) or make a calculation of the net financial situation of the divorcing partners in the future.
I can also join mediation talks as a neutral financial advisor to clarify specific financial issues.
In some cases, there is little progress in the mediation process because one of the divorcing partners is unable to move on. In this situation, I can advise and counsel this partner from the sidelines. I provide additional information, explanation and support so that the mediation can proceed.

Accountant │ financial advisor

The accountant or financial advisor can play a major role for his/her client during a divorce. Not only because of the specific knowledge of the financial situation, but also as a point of contact and confidential adviser. In close cooperation with the accountant or financial adviser, I counsel the divorcing partners, make maintenance calculations, present solutions and seek consensus with the partners. I document the agreements in a settlement. Thanks to the coordination with the accountant / financial advisor, I can quickly provide insight into the finances and feasibility of the proposed options. After the divorce, the financial adviser then plays an important role in implementing the agreements laid down in the settlement.